Landscape Design

J.C. Rock’s PerfectFIT™ is the perfect armour stone for any landscape design. Large retaining walls, accent pieces and poolscapes all benefit from this remarkable product which is incredibly easy to work with.

Battleship grey or charcoal grey, PerfectFIT™ is naturally consistent in size, is never cut and available in natural or rustic face varieties. In sizes from less than a ton to 1 – 3 tons, it is easily handled and moved into place with a skid steer or excavator depending on size.

As a landscape design professional, you will appreciate the full range of natural stone products available from J.C. Rock in Norland, Ontario. We produce steps, curb, and cube stone as well as, rip rap, gabion, clear stone and crusher runs. For the ultimate display, weathered natural face stone and cap rock are also available from our Norland Ontario Quarries.

We service all of Southern Ontario with our own company transportation network. Have a look at our photo gallery or simply call for your quarry appointment and personally find the “perfect” rock to make your next project perfect!